Welcome to TexasQ.net!  The purpose of this website is to provide resources, tools and coaching too assist you in all of your Barbecue needs.


TexasQLogo_OnWhitesmWhat if there was a real solution for you too cook good barbecue?

What if there was hope that you could overcome your grilling challenges?

All challenges invite some personal clarity, they ask us to take a better look at ourselves.  As of today this is who I am.  Am I capable of MORE?  If I am,  am I willing to PROVE IT?

For every challenge there stands a unique goal attached to a dream.  Imagine what yours would be?

Personally mine was to be the best PITMEN and after years of trial and error I’ve perfected the methods that are quantifiable every single time I get in front of a barbecue.

Whether you want to learn for yourself or want our expertise for your next event we are here to serve YOU

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